Natchitoches Mardi Gras Parade
Krewe of Dionysos The Krewe of Dionysos of Natchitoches, Louisiana, held their annual Mardi Gras Parade on the evening of February 5, 2005. Covering both sides of the Cane River Lake and winding through the downtown historic district, the parade featured copious amounts of bead tossing, loud music, and public acts of insanity and greed as people attempted to snag as much free swag as they possibly could.
The King The King on his perch

All hail, there's a new king in town ...

The Queen

... followed by the Queen. Now We All Shine On ...


... The Moon, The Stars ...

Sun Too

... and The Sun

Nascar Float 1 Nascar Float 2
Some Other Float
Travel Memories Float 1 Travel Memories Float 1
Rock and Roll Float Saluting the Military
Throwing Stuff

The residents of this apartment threw bunches of stuff down to the eager crowd below at various times throughout the evening. Note the people carrying plastic bags packed with their loot.

Mike Matthews

Attempting to sort through the bling

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