Model Lab School Gym, Winter 1971

Model Gym Winter 1971

A shot of the exterior of the gymnasium at Model Laboratory School in the winter of 1971. The architecture was significantly altered in 1975 when an addition was built on that big blank wall and the building was rechristened the Shirley Kearns Gymnasium. The skyline in the background is also significantly different, 30 years later, with the addition of another building which, if placed in this photo, would be in place of the dormitory to the left of the two identical structures. Even the water tower is different; the logo changed at some point over the years from the single "E" to "EKU." This photo was scanned from the background of one of the many images in the JLK photo archives.

A comparison/contrast of this setting would be most interesting. In fact, somewhere in the JLK photo archives are photos taken within the past two years of this area. Check back with this site sometime as we just might get around to posting them.

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