Outtakes from the 2006 edition of JLK's Image of the Week

Here are the photos that were, at one time, slated to become an Image of the Week in 2006, but just didn't quite make it (and then, 2006 ended). So rather than let them fade into the ether, here they are, preserved for just a little longer.

Bad Parking
This image actually dates back to 2004, when Larry O. Grand came up with the idea to do a gallery of Bad Parking Jobs, inspired by this image. Well, almost three years have passed and no gallery has emerged, so it's time to post the image and move on.

Blasting Zone
Taken from road work being performed on the Bluegrass Parkway in southeastern Kentucky. Didn't make it as an Image of the Week because it's just a little too blurry.

The Bored Wench
Another image taken from the 2006 Texas Renaissance Festival. The wench has the expression of "is this job REALLY worth it?" This was slated to be the Image of the Week for November 6 but then something else came up and it got bumped down to the point that it had lost its relevance.

Forest Jackson
This is actually a holdover from 2005 but never quite got around to using.

Young Driver
Ah, these damn drivers, keep gettin' younger each year.

My "art shot" of the year, showing the reflection of the lights in the room against the lights of the outside through a rain-flecked window. Ultimately rejected as an Image of the Week because it was just a little bit too artsy.

One more from the 2006 Texas Renaissance Festival, and an image that I really wish had made it onto Image of the Week (in spite of the fact that it was just slightly blurry), and probably should have been the image for Halloween instead of what was posted. Oh well. The best freakin' Xena costume and likeness I've ever seen and just about the best costume seen at the festival, and I'm pretty sure I've seen the exact same costume and lady at the festival in previous years.

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