Hidden Entrance at Lake Reba

Hidden Entrance

So JSH and I were driving around on a rainy January 1, 2003 in Richmond, KY, looking at things which weren't there before, and we cruised into the Lake Reba recreational area, which I have known to be both a fishing spot and a dried-up indention in the ground (it is once again a full-fledged lake), and we saw this sign ... and we couldn't quite figure out where the entrance was (well, of course not, for it is hidden) ... although I suppose it COULD be the road right behind it which leads to the parking lot adjacent to the lake and the boat dock, but that's way too obvious ... anyway, JSH said to hurry up and take the picture, otherwise he was going to come out and do it himself and put it on one of his many web pages, and so I rolled the window down and did just that.

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